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All-American Rowing Camp was founded in 1999 by Jim Dietz and Mark Wilson to bring high quality coaching anywhere there is a need.  We design camps and clinics with you and your club in mind.  We bring the coaches to you so you can row in your boat, on your water, and sleep in your own bed.  We come to you to help with the technical side of rowing in a Fun, Progressive, Positive way to keep the sport fun and exciting.

Our coaches are current and past college coaches all screened by Jim Dietz.  Jim has been rowing since he was 16 and has been in 6 Olympics and created more coaches than any other person in the USA.  Our fundamentals are sound and proven and we continue to develop the "whole" athlete by looking at you, your boat, your oars and your water as a whole. 

Our coaches provide 25-35 camps at sites like yours every year,  contact Mark Wilson to set up a 2-6 day camp at your location or if you want to come to Florida in the winter that is great with us, too.

All photography by Mark Wilson

Four Friends on the St. Johns  : DeLand, FL

Four Friends on the St. Johns : DeLand, FL

Heading Home  : DeLand, FL

Heading Home : DeLand, FL

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Rowing Camps are What we Do! We come to you or you can join us in one of our fantastic locations in the USA or in Europe!

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