Rowing is a world wide sport and we travel the world to give experiences of a lifetime.  Imagine rowing on a calm clear lake in Italy with the Alps in the background, eating wonderful food, enjoying a glass of wine and coming back tomorrow to do it again.

We lead trips that are fun, enjoyable and leave you wanting to come back again and again.  We handle all the logistics of equipment, lodging, meals, drinks, and sightseeing the surrounding area.  The coaching is top notch and you will not only have a great vacation with other fun people but your rowing will improve as well.  From racing starts on a world championship course in the heart of Europe to coastal rowing in the Med we can do it all.  Look for one or two experiences each year and sign up quickly.

Summer 2020 is now set and details are confirmed. We will be returning to Sibenik Croatia May 25-30, 2020 and then traveling north to Bled Slovenia June 2-7, 2020 and in October we will be visiting southern Austria for a very special opportunity for you racers out there. A three day training camp on the Worthersee then a 16km 1x’s race with 200 other racers! A true treat for the competitive soul! Look for details soon.

Sibenik Croatia Camp Bled Slovenia Camp

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