Head of the Charles Race Camp Set!!

Jim Dietz and Mark Wilson will be coaching the 2019 edition of the HOCR race camp on September 10-12, 2019. You can join these two coaches and rowers who are looking to win and earn the prestigious Head of the Charles medals! Please consider joining us in September for a chance to row the course with the helpful eyes and guidance of Jim and Mark. More details, schedule and registration form is linked here.



2020 Winter Camp Schedule Set!!

Hi Everyone, Well it is not even the first day of Summer 2019 but we have been busy scheduling camps for 2020 and have the Winter set for DeLand. Please consider joining us in January or February and if you would like to schedule a private camp now is a good time!

Dec 29-Jan 2, 2020

Jan 4-Jan 8, 2020

Jan 10-12, 2020

Jan 13-16, 2020 612 Endurance Private Camp

Jan 18-20, 2020 MLK Weekender

Jan 23-27, 2020

Jan 31-Feb 2, 2020 - Minneapolis Rowing Club Private Camp

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Portugal! Rowing! All-Inclusive Trip

We are thrilled to be visiting Aviz Portugal in November 2019 with a small group of scullers that will be wined and dined and of course Coached! This is a small group experience with only 6 scullers being invited to a great trip in central Portugal at a true world class training location build by rowers for rowers. Please look at the schedule, flyer and information for more details and look to call Mark for more details soon. 2 of the 6 spots are already filled.


Croatia - Rowing - Adventure - History - Natural Wonders

What could be better than visiting a beautiful country with wonderful people for rowing and adventure. Please consider joining us for a week in Sibenik Croatia (recently featured in the Washington Post) for a rowing adventure of a lifetime. We will stay in a 15th century palace that has been converted to a luxury hotel right downtown. The rowing will be from the KRKA club with a fleet of brand new Swift singles and doubles and explorations to the National Parks, surrounding natural and cultural attractions and an afternoon to explore the City of Split! Limited to 10 rowers! Join Now! Dates are June 4-10, 2019 For Complete Schedule CLICK HERE


FISA Masters and HOCR a Great Success

Yes, We do a lot of Coaching through the year but we also get out on the water to row! Coaches Jim Dietz, Mark Wilson, Ryan Worth, Jim Preston and Steve Dezwart all raced at the 2018 FISA World Masters and did great. Jim D., Steve and Mark all won medals and Jim P. and Ryan were in multiple boats with great finishes but just out of medal range this time. Highlight for Jim and Mark was a win in the F 2x.

At the Head of the Charles, Mark and Jim Dietz also combined with long time sculling friends Willie Castle and Chris Somers in a 4x. The group that got to practice only on the way to the starting line finished a solid 9th out of 36 boats and only 20 seconds from the medal position in 5th. “We are gunning for a medal in 2019!” says Bow seat Mark Wilson.


Winter 2019 Camp Dates Announced

The upcoming Winter Camp Dates for DeLand Florida are posted!

Dec 29- Jan 2, 2019  Full Camp 5 days

Jan 4-8, 2019  Full Camp 5 days

Jan 11-13, 2019 Weekender Tune-up Camp: Strokes, Steaks and Sips!

Jan 15-18, 2019 private group (?)

Jan 22-26, 2019 Full Camp 5 days

Feb 1-3 Weekender #2 Tune-up Camp: More Strokes, Steaks and Sips!

If you are interested in Booking another date in Feb, March or April just call Mark Wilson for information!

Europe 2018 Camps are Full!

We are very happy to have our 2018 European Camps filled,  While more is sometimes better not always in Rowing Camp.  We strive to have small, fun and personal groups join us for camps here in the USA and abroad.  This summer 14 lucky rowers will be joining the All-American Staff in Europe for rowing and exploration that will be completely unique.  If you are hoping to make a trip with us in the future please email Mark with your interest so you can be added to the email announcement for the next trip. 

In 2019 we are planning a trip to Lucerne Switzerland in conjuction with World Cup III.  This will be a trip to view some of the best rowing in the world and then row on the same course, in the same boats and maybe even with a world cup athlete.... Come on and think about it!!

European Adventure Camps Announced

We are thrilled to announce today that All-American Rowing Camp is heading for a European Adventure in 2018!  This will not be a Griswold vacation but an exciting, well planned, fun, and enjoyable adventure with sightseeing, afternoon adventures, wonderful food and wine and of course ROWING!!  Please note that we have two trips planned in the month of June.  Erba Italy, just south of Lake Como, June 8-13 and Bled Slovenia June 17-23.  All the details can be found at the two links below or on the Camp Registration page.

Italy Flyer June 8-13, 2018                                         Bled Flyer June 17-23, 2018

NEW for 2017 - Head of the Hooch Race Camp

All-American is proud to be offering a Race Prep camp in Chattanooga Tennessee on the Hooch course this September 8-10, 2017.   We will be rowing out of the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga boathouse.  Local coach and rower Ryan Worth will join Mark Wilson for the weekend of coaching and fun both on and off the water.  Highlights will include: training on the course, getting a race summery from one of the race officials that handles the start/finish line, getting to practice the course and finish line area, see yourself rowing through video review and having the race tacticians help you figure out what the best lines are along the course.  Go to the Registration Page for details and how to register.

All-American and Mark Wilson go Full Time!

Mark Wilson, co-owner of All-American Rowing Camp, has decided to follow his passion of rowing and make AARC a full time commitment.  Since 1999 both Jim Dietz and Mark have traveled in their spare time to wonderful places and met incredible people around the world.  Mark has decided to leave college coaching and take his passion to the camp full time.  Traveling around the country and the world to share his passion with fellow rowers and the same high quality coaches will be a great opportunity.

Join Mark and the wonderful staff of coaches anywhere from DeLand Florida to the far reaches to find flat water and the joys of rowing and exploring!!  New camp opportunities are available in Florida and elsewhere.  Just call Mark to set up a session near you!

Come Join Mark for a Row!

Come Join Mark for a Row!