Camper Testimonials

Coaching the All-American Way…

Coaching is much more than just telling people “what to do” it is connecting with each person in a unique and personal manner in an attempt to get them to do something they never thought possible… below are some of the unsolicited accounts from people that have been coached the “All-American Way” Join us for a camp to experience it for yourself.

Dear Mark,
We all could not say enough wonderful things about your coaching and the All American Rowing program the entire ride home! We learned so much, and had such a fabulous time! Thank you so much for all that you did to make it such a terrific experience! I definitely want to make your training an annual thing that I do to keep improving my technique. We have been talking a lot to our teammates about how great your camp was, so we’ll have no problem getting a group together for next summer. There are a lot of people interested now:-)

Thank you again for one of the best rowing experiences of my life!
Sincerely, Marla - June 2019
Hello everyone, wherever you are!
Thanks SO much Mark, Judy, Hunter, Ryan and Tomi for your vision of rowing overseas and finding this spectacular place to row! On my final walk around the water yesterday the coach at KRKA Rowing Club had 4 of his young men out in singles, doing drills to the beach and back to the dock. Made me want to jump in and row or swim along with them.

Loved all the pictures on smugmug, especially glad you got one of Yannes Olympic row. Meeting him and seeing his island home was a big WOW moment. Such a great time with many unexpected delightful experiences. It was an adventure of a life time and from your video of what is possible in our future of rowing overseas there could be many more!!

Hope to see you all again!

Happy Rowing!
Carol G. June 2019
Hola Mark,

Thank you so very much for the fabulous camp!!! I learned so much, gained more confidence on the boat and have so much information to process and continue to develop. It is so exciting!

I truly appreciate your help with the boat, excellent training, teaching methods and positive reinforcement.

I cannot wait to apply all of what we have learned and to continue this journey when you come back next year!! :-)

Many, many thanks and have a fantastic Holiday weekend!
Marisol - Green Bay May 2019