How to Host an All-American Rowing Camp at your Club

It is easy to have a fresh set of coaching eyes visit your location or club.  All-American Rowing Camp looks to enhance your local coaches with a fresh and fun approach.  Every level of athlete from novice to elite need fresh eyes and words to help them progress.  We bring a systematic, progressive, professional and fun style of coaching to help you advance quickly. 

Camps are usually set up by a local organizer (rower) who is able to help us set the schedule, the days of camp and the right mix of rowers.  We have two main schedules that we can customize for your club.  We also offer sculling and sweep coaching or both if desired. 


  • Full Day Schedule - One group of rowers and one group of coaches for three rows a day for a weekend or longer.  This is fine with smaller groups or those who are fit for that amount of rowing.
  • Split Shift Schedule - This schedule allows for more participants and only takes 1/2 a day from your busy schedule.  Typical is to have two groups of rowers for an AM and a PM shift, each group gets two coaching sessions per day or 6 over three days.  Coaches are on the water for four sessions daily.  The groups are managed by ability and this allows you to stay fresh for the full three day weekend.    

        How it works

  • Call or Email Mark Wilson and we start with goals and schedules.  From there we produce a registration form and get you on the schedule.  Then the organizer sends out the registration and schedule to the club and that's it.  A deposit is required with the signed waiver and registration form and then the fun begins.
  • Food is usually handled by the participants and can be done as a catered affair or pot luck and this helps keep the cost down and offers a social element to the camp.  Often the campers like to have a dinner out together as part of camp or an evening at the local brew pub is fun too.
  • Coaches arrive, set up and make everyone feel welcome and ready to learn.  Technique, posture, rigging and drills are a highlight, but if the athletes are ready more 'work' can be done and setting up race prep, steering, starts and power pieces can be brought into the camp.


         Simply Call or email Mark Wilson from the Contact the Coach Page

                 Sample Camp Schedule