All- American Rowing Camp Staff

The Coaches of All-American Rowing are hand selected to be professional, interactive and fun.  all our coaches, enjoy coaching and teaching the finer points of the sport.  We strive to give every person an appropriate challenge and make it fun.  Our style is one based on a progressive, systematic, positive and fun atmosphere.

Jim Dietz, Co-founder :

Jim is one of the sports true legends,  he started rowing on Long Island Sound at the age of 16 and quickly rose into a national standout and rowed in his first Olympics in the summer of 1972.  Since then Jim has been to 6 Olympics as a rower or coach, numerous World-Championships and has competed all around the world.  Jim started his coaching career at the US Merchant Marine Academy and then moved to New London CT to coach the US Coast Guard Academy for 12 years.  Jim was offered the Head Coach position at UMass-Amherst where he has been for the last 21 years.  He has produced a full array of world level athletes and more coaches than any other coach in present day.  His easy going style and demanding technical prowess make him a very successful coach from someone who is just starting out or as the 'finishing coach' at the elite level.  Jim splits his time between Amherst and Cape Cod with his wife Pam.

Mark Wilson, Co-Founder :


Mark began rowing as a walk-on athlete at the University of Wisconsin in 1986 and has been involved with the sport ever since.  Mark transferred to the Coast Guard Academy for the 1987-1989 years where he met Jim.  Later Mark transferred once again, after some trouble with calculus and physics, to Northeastern University to finish a degree in Entrepreneurship and won the IRA National Rowing title in the Varsity 8+ in 1991.  Mark had been sculling under Jim's watchful eye and continued to the Olympic Trials in 1992, winning the Elite Nationals in the 2x and then competing on the US-U23 team in 1993.  Mark has coached at UMass, Indiana, and worked at clubs in Tennessee, Texas and Florida.  He was the head coach for men's and women's rowing at Stetson University in DeLand Florida for 5 years and now works for AccuDock and All-American Rowing Camp full time.  He resides in DeLand, FL with his wife Judy and son Hunter.

Marc DeRose :

Marc began rowing in the north country of Canada and has learned on the water but also with years of experience in the coach boat but also in the classroom.  Marc is one of the highest educated coaches and can help any athlete understand not only the basics but also the intricacies of the sport and of the human body.  Marc has coached at UCF, Miami, Columbia, St. Marks School and at the national team level.  His ability to give athletes just the right amount of push and feedback is uncanny and his laid back style helps his rowers feel at ease.  Marc has been at nearly every level of coaching in the US and Canada and is a joy to row for.  Marc lives in Oak Ridge TN with his wife Shannon and two lovely daughters.

Eric Carcich :

Eric is just a fun guy, he smiles all the time and his athletes are immediately put at ease by his personality.  Eric is the new head coach at Cornell University in Ithaca NY.  While at George Washington he was voted A-10 Conference Coach of the Year twice and has helped his program grow and prosper while he has been at the helm.  Prior to GW, Eric has coached at University of Pennsylvania, Yale and at UMass.  Eric brings a wealth of experience to his coaching and is always happy to give a smile too.  Everyone who has been coached by Eric becomes more comfortable as a rower.  Eric lives in Ithaca NY with his wife Jen and new son Wilder.

Andrea Morand :

Andrea started her rowing career in high school in Massachusetts and went to college at UMass where she rowed for Jim Dietz.  Jim must have made quite an impression on "Mo" as her friends call her as she is now the First Assistant of the Minute Women and is loving the daily contact with motivated athletes on the river.  Mo is an excellent camp coach as well since she is a daily educator and is able to coach any level athlete with ease.  She is calm and has a wonderful wit that sometimes surprises you but always makes one smile.  Mo lives in Sunderland MA.

Steve DeZwart :

Steve is an educator, he has taught high school classes, college classes and has coached athletes from 8 to 80, he can do it all.  If we were to have a MacGyver in our midst he would be the man.  He can fix anything, including athletes who need help with their rowing stroke.  Steve has been on numerous national teams and continues to row (or golf) daily.  He met Jim Dietz while training for the Lightweight National Team and then after making the team, Jim asked him to coach with him at Thames River Sculls and the US Coast Guard Academy.  Steve has been around rowing since he was 14 and has more miles in a boat than most, his experience leads to calm nature and an easy way to share his love of the sport.  His athletes get a great deal of passion and attention with his coaching and his keen eye of the sport is hard to beat.  Steve has coached from Dartmouth to Orlando and enjoys coaching camps and meeting people who are also eager to learn.
Steve lives in Winter Park FL with his wife Lisa and two great boys.


Glenn Putyrae :

Glenn is the new head coach at Alabama! He was the head coach at Gonzaga for the past 10 years and has also coached at Georgetown in Washington DC so he has experience on both coasts of our great country.  Glenn rowed in High School and then went on to row at UW... Washington that is.  He was a varsity letter winner all four years for the Huskies and now is on the other side of the state and enjoys racing more than anything.  Glenn is a family man now and when not traveling with his career he is taking care of family business.  He is a welcome coach and leads a wonderful experience on the water for all of his athletes.

Jim Preston :

Jim is a rower that never grew up.  Jim has been coming to camps with All-American Rowing ever since the start and now he is helping coach every chance he gets.  Besides rowing in Tampa Florida he also enjoys racing his 1x or getting in a 2x or 4x whenever possible.  Jim coaches the local high school team of Tampa Prep and enjoys giving the boys some of the great life lessons he learned while rowing in Philadelphia on the Schulkill River.  His "real" job as a Federal Prosecutor is a little different than coaching but he is excellent at both and you will enjoy his professionalism and sly Irish wit.  Jim lives in Clearwater FL with his wife Suzanne.

Ryan worth:

Ryan is a man of the world and he enjoys time outdoors in any form, from on a sailboat, on a mountain side, on a bike, on skis, or even rowing across the Atlantic with a very close group of friends.  Ryan started rowing in high school in southern Tennessee and has enjoyed the ability to move and see the world over the last 10 years.  Currently he is the Head Coach for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and is enjoying coaching both the Men's and Women's teams.  Ryan does not have any moss under him and when not in Tennessee you may see him gliding across the water getting ready for the Pacific crossing, or rafting the Grand Canyon, or hiking the PCT or sailing the BVI or....  Ryan enjoys challenges and while he is coaching he will certain challenge his athletes to be the best rower possible.  Ryan lives in Chattanooga TN or on a boat in the middle of the Ocean.

Judy Wilson :

We have saved the best for last, Judy is the wife of Mark and is the glue that keeps everything running when we do camps in DeLand or in Europe.  She is able to make breakfast for 20 people in the morning and then do a workout in the afternoon, she can set up a tour of a castle and then locate the best spot for a glass of wine.  She is also a USRowing Level 2 coach and Indoor Rowing instructor and she has a better 2k score than many college athletes so if you need some motivation along with the glass of Chardonnay, Judy is your woman.  Judy lives with Mark in DeLand FL with her awesome son Hunter and dog Chase.