FISA Masters and HOCR a Great Success

Yes, We do a lot of Coaching through the year but we also get out on the water to row! Coaches Jim Dietz, Mark Wilson, Ryan Worth, Jim Preston and Steve Dezwart all raced at the 2018 FISA World Masters and did great. Jim D., Steve and Mark all won medals and Jim P. and Ryan were in multiple boats with great finishes but just out of medal range this time. Highlight for Jim and Mark was a win in the F 2x.

At the Head of the Charles, Mark and Jim Dietz also combined with long time sculling friends Willie Castle and Chris Somers in a 4x. The group that got to practice only on the way to the starting line finished a solid 9th out of 36 boats and only 20 seconds from the medal position in 5th. “We are gunning for a medal in 2019!” says Bow seat Mark Wilson.